和平(hépíng) ☮ Мир ☮ سلام(salām) ☮ שלום(shalom) ☮ Hasîtî ☮ शांति(śānti) ☮ Kikœndi ☮ Paix ☮ Barış ☮ ꄮꐽ(te-njo) ☮ 平和(heiwa) ☮ 평화(pyonghwa) ☮ 和平(hòa bình) ☮ Paz ☮ صلح(solh) ☮ Peace

The above text is "peace" in several languages, as Unicode text; some web browsers can't display all of the different scripts. Source (with many more languages): Below is a screenshot showing how it looks in the Apple Safari browser:


United Nations
The United Nations website is in Chinese as well as Arabic, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

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